Author, trainer, researcher, consultant, senior scientist, expert on crisis communication—Dr. Vincent Covello has worn many hats during his career. In one of his most prominent roles, Dr. Covello is the founder and director of the Center for Risk Communication.

Specializing in advanced communication methods, the Center for Risk Communication helps private and public sector entities craft effective communication strategies during high-stress, emotionally charged situations.

Clients who have turned to the Center for Risk Communication include the US Coast Guard, US Army, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, and Tropicana.

What Does the Center Do?

For almost fifty years the Center for Risk Communication has been helping clients address high-profile risk and crisis issues with science-based solutions that are practical, applicable, and effective.

During engagements, the center’s senior consultants work with leadership teams, in-house or contracted media agencies, and organizations’ communication officers to assess, guide, train, and develop tailored communication solutions.


To aid clients, the center delivers a science- and research-based needs assessment that offers three main benefits:

(1) Demonstrates the value of focused communication.

(2) Provides an informed and defensible basis for applying limited communication resources.

(3) Provides informed and defensible metrics for ongoing communication efforts.

Execution of Goals

As the center and clients work toward shared communication goals, the center does the following:

(1) Defines a successful end state.

(2) Develops effective messaging.

(3) Manages messenger characteristics.

(4) Provides messenger coaching.

(5) Selects appropriate two-way communication channels.

Key values for the Center for Risk Communication include confidentiality, collaboration, science-based research, and insightful guidance.

More information about the Center for Risk Communication can be found at

Communicating Effectively When Feelings, Fears, and Facts Collide

Dr. Covello’s video-based course Pathway to Risk, High-Concern, and Crisis Communication introduces communicators to the tools and techniques for communicating effectively—while providing greater insight into why audiences react the way they do during times of stress.

The course comprises nine video lectures and accompanying text modules, plus supplemental materials for putting valuable lessons into practice.

More information about the course, including group rates and partnering opportunities, can be found by emailing

Dr. Vincent Covello

Dr. Vincent Covello, director of the Center for Risk Communication, is one of the world’s leading experts and practitioners on risk, high-concern, and crisis communication. He is the author of more than 150 articles in scientific journals and the author/editor of more than 20 books. Dr. Covello is a consultant, writer, speaker, and teacher. He is a frequent keynote speaker and has conducted communication skills training for thousands.