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Strategic Communications Support

—with Access to Global Leaders in COVID-19 Communications

Strategic Communications with Vincent Covello and Throughline

People in high-concern situations have difficulty understanding and remembering information.


Learn why rules change during high-stress situations


Structure messages to connect with audiences


Embrace leadership traits for high-stress environments


Leadership Consulting Sessions

Our strategists will help your CEO and senior executives understand the communication needs of your audience while providing recommendations, roadmaps, and message maps. We will employ best practices and evidence-based techniques that resonate with your audiences during times of high stress.

Virtual Workshops & Meetings

One of the world’s leading researchers in risk, crisis, and change communication, Dr. Vincent Covello works with our strategists to develop and facilitate virtual workshops that teach you and your team effective techniques, practices, and messaging.

Message Maps

Our message maps deliver key messages to support communications and content creation. Building on years of communications experience, we will co-create narratives and messaging to help you build trust with audiences and support campaigns, presentations, events, infographics, and placemats.

Information Exchanges

These virtual communication forums enable executives and teams to discuss project and program challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our strategists facilitate peer-to-peer discussions and create summary briefs that include artifacts such as message maps and communication action plans.

Communication Campaigns

Communication has become more complex for internal and public-facing campaigns. We can develop strategies that connect with audiences and include guidance for artifacts such as videos, newsletters, and webinars.

Visual Communications

Visual communication products, including maps, presentations, and small-scale visualizations, make organizational complexity more accessible. These visual artifacts enable leaders to communicate more effectively, especially during times of high stress.

What We Know Based on 30 Years of Research and Practice


People under stress typically want to know that you care before they care what you know.


Risk communication is central to informed decision-making.


Guidelines exist to help programs and providers communicate and present risk information clearly and effectively.

A Decade of Collaboration

Scott Williams
Dr. Vincent Covello

Scott Williams,

Dr. Vincent Covello,
director of the Center
for Risk Communication


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